The Curious Nature of Science

Posted on August 26, 2017

This morning I was thinking about all the times that the scientific community has shut down creative hypothetical thought with, "There is no scientific evidence that suppports [fill in the blank]" Here, we need to insert a very powerful word: "YET."

I think we should really be careful about getting too carried away with science as our primary and only teacher. Science has YET to uncover most of the mysteries of our planets, the cosmos, living beings, and the mysteries of the heart. I do believe Science is a process that has the ability to uncover those mysteries, but it has A LOT of work to do; it's really only scratched the bubble that surrounds the surface.

In the meanwhile, we have our hearts and our guts, we have compassion, we have intuition, we have our imaginations, posterity and legacy, dreams, pleasure, spirit (the root of the word "inspiration"), ideas, relationships, solitude, and art. I feel very strongly science should be influenced by those things; not the other way around. Once science goes around procaiming "There is no scientific evidence that spirit exists" (or what have you), you have a science that is leading you via lack of creative integrity and curioustiy. And that is about as life-withdrawn as a petrified turd. But who knows? Maybe science has yet to discover that life exists in petrified turds.

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Posted on September 01, 2016

If you voice your opinion, people will fight you and people will listen to you. Be prepared for both, and remember that neither matter if you're voicing your clearest truth, for you'll be tasting the ozone; you'll be feeling all the unsprouted seeds' potential boom beneath your feet; and you will know your worth. 

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